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Check out our new CRISPR Library Designer (CLD): batch design of sgRNA libraries
Download the dockerized version now at CLD on Github

E-TALEN is a web service to design TALENs for introducing knock-out mutations, for endogenous tagging and targeted excision repair. The tool can be used to design TALENs against a single target but also for up to 50 target genes in parallel. E-TALEN guides the user through end-to-end de-novo design process for specific sequences or genomic loci. In addition, it can also be used to evaluate existing TALEN designs.

Visit E-TALEN: www.e-talen.org/E-TALEN

E-RNAi is a tool for the design and evaluation of RNAi reagents for a variety of species. It can be used to design and evaluate long dsRNAs (including esiRNAs) as well as siRNAs. Version 3.2 of E-RNAi now offers batch queries as wells as sequence submission from GBrowse.

Visit E-RNAi: www.dkfz.de/signaling/e-rnai3

GenomeRNAi is a database containing phenotypes from RNA interference (RNAi) screens in Drosophila and Homo sapiens. In addition, the database provides an updated resource of RNAi reagents and their predicted quality.

Visit GenomeRNAi: www.genomernai.org/GenomeRNAi

CRISPR library designer (CLD), an integrated bioinformatics application for the design of custom single guide RNA (sgRNA) libraries for all organisms with annotated genomes. CLD is suitable for the design of libraries using modified CRISPR enzymes and targeting non-coding regions.

Visit CLD: github.com/boutroslab/cld

The older version of E-CRISP can be reached Here

Boutros lab, E-CRISP-Version 5.4
For suggestions please contact us at crispr@dkfz.de